PM Quote of the Day — Roald Amundsen

Adventure is just bad planning.”

I’ve found that the amount of adventure in a project is inversely proportional to the amount of proper planning that went into — and continued throughout — that project.¬† Glen hits that point (here) when he uses the 5 P’s — a long-ago Scoutmaster (a USMC sergeant) introduced them more¬†saltily as the 6 P’s — to frame a discussion of emergence in project requirements.¬†

In his own way, Sergeant Martinez made emergence very clear to we tenderfeet many years ago.¬† When we whined about having to learn¬†how to prevent and fix blisters, to pack correctly, to read a map, etc., he asked those very same “If -> What” questions Glen mentioned:

  • If you get blisters, what will you do (without knowing how to prevent and fix)?
  • If if rains, what will you do (without a poncho)?
  • If you get off the trail, what do you need to to get back on¬†it (without a map and knowing how to reach it)?

When we protested that we weren’t Marines he noted — after advising us that under no circumstances would the Corps want us anyway — that it was more important for inexperienced hikers to plan so that we didn’t get into trouble.¬† As he went on to note,¬†on our hikes we were looking to have fun, learn a bit of¬†woodscraft (actually “desert craft”),¬†and otherwise enjoy our encounter with nature.¬† Fending for our health and¬†lives wasn’t¬†one of our hikes’ requirements…


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