Blueprint? RDS don’t need no stinkin’ Blueprint

Strong SAP SDN post¬†by Mark Chaffen on SAP RDS (Rapid Deployment Solutions) and the¬†case of the missing Blueprint.¬†¬† I’ve only started to dig in to the topic, so these are¬†my (likely half-baked) first thoughts:

  • On balance “no Blueprint” is good.¬†¬†Its exclusion¬†reinforces that a RDS implementation is of a fixed, limited scope.¬† There must always be some sort of scope statement, of course, and its there. ¬†Unfortunately, “Blueprint” seems to equal “everything and the kitchen sink” in some SI’s SAP glossaries!¬† Wise to make a clean break in the lexicon.
  • Avoid Death by Change Order.¬†¬† RDS is designed to deliver only what one needs to execute — the wish list comes later.¬† Only fill in regulatory, statutory, or other compliance gaps during the initial implementation; otherwise make a conscious decision to remaining requirements into¬† backlogs that get burned down release-by-release.¬†
  • RDS still too “new solution” oriented.¬† There are other ways to expand a SAP footprint… how about RDS for acquisitions, divestitures, or other growth/transformation scenarios?

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